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Automatic LaTeX CV publishing on GitHub Pages via TravisCI

Recently, I wanted to update my CV and as I had good experiences with LaTeX for writing my diploma thesis I thought to give it a try for typesetting my CV, too. I started to remember that keeping the full LaTeX stack up-to-date and, more importantly, all package dependencies for compilation was a bit of a hassle (although there are great projects like MacTeX of course!). It certainly did not appeal to my desire to keep things versionized and automated. And as I had good experiences with Travis CI and GitHub Pages I thought to give it a try for my CV, too. So, here we go.

We will use TravisCI to run a docker container that uses an image with an updated TeX Live distribution. This docker container will then compile the file 'cv.tex' into a nice PDF file on every commit (and push) to the GitHub repository. This PDF file, in turn, is then pushed to the gh-pages branch of the repository accompanied with an index.html that displays this very PDF and (if configured) a CNAME to customize the (sub-)domain under which this beautiful CV is available. Voila! You can see an example at

I that was a little too fast just head over to my GitHub repository cv-on-ghpages and let me walk you through setting it up over there. It should be pretty straightforward - if not, please send me a comment, mail, tweet, issue, you name it. And good luck with this job application!

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